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Free Bokeh Images Pack

What is Bokeh ?

- When a picture going to click in dslr or any other exoenexpe cameras then if subject has focused the some round circles will be pops up in background and that's called Bokeh. It is very popular and unique to look the picture.

How to use external Bokeh ?

When it comes to use some other bokeh images to give the same feel as dslr images then you have to use some other images which has some kind of round cirvles as well as black or transparent background. I gave a zip file in below and there has more than 50+ images to use.

How to Download and Unzip it ?

Firdt of all download the zip file in below download link and after download the file you have to unzip that file. If you have PC or Laptop then Right Click on that file and select Extract File.
If you're using mobile then click on that zip file and if you have directly Extract option then congrats but if you haven't seen extraEx option directly then search it in options and there will have Extract option in your file manager.

Here some examples of Bokeh Images...

These types of images are available in the zip file...

Download The Zip File - Click Here

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