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Janmashtami Special Photo Editing Tutorial in PicsArt.

So, hello guys.
In this blog post I've uploaded a complete tutorial of Janmashtami photo editing. Just Click On the Thumbnail to Watch That Video in YouTube. By the way in this post I'm even explain it step by step...

Download The Stock File - 

To follow along with the design you have to Download the same materials for edit like that. However I habe compress all images into a Zip File that you don't feel panic when downloading.

Here is the ZIP FILE - Click Here

Steps to Follow -

  • Open the background in Picsart
  • Go to add photo and choose your image along with Krishna's image
  • Cut-out the background of both images
  • Add a white color png and place it behind models
  • If you want then you can add extra light & bokeh effects
  • Go to adjust and increse the Shadow and decrease the highlight
  • Now go to effect and  choose Dodger effect and save it
  • Now import your image in lightroom
  • Go to color profiles and choose Modern 2
  • Now adjust HSL - Hue, Saturation & Luminance
  • Afterthat add some vignette effect and also add noise reduction
  • Now to go preset and choose Lift Shadow in curve filter
  • Finally save it and open it again in picsart
  • Lastly go to add photo and choose stock pngs, adjust it the way of you like
  • Now you're done.
For clear knowledge watch the video by clicking on the Thumbnail on this post.

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Thank You !

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