How to Create Your Own Signature Photography Logo in PicsArt || AC EDITING ZONE 🔥

In this video you will learn how to create signature photography logo in picsart photo editing app. This photo editing tutorial is for professionals and beginners. If beginners watching this video then I'm pretty much sure he/she can easily create their own logo whether it can use for Youtube logo or other commercial use.
I have devided this Logo Design Process in few steps.
Step 1 - Install The font afterthat Open Picsart App and go to draw after that choose a blank image with the resolution of 2048x2048 or 1024x1024
Step 2 - Make in transparent
Step 3 - Type the Headline text of your logo using custom font
Step 4 - Write the Tagline of your logo and you are done with your logo design...

I'm Anant from West Bengal, India. In this youtube channel I'm teaching Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Photo Retouching, Color Grading, Color Correction, Poster Design, Logo Design, Editing Tips & Tricks and even Video Editing in Android Editing Apps. I am passionate about Graphics Design and I want to share my own few years photo editing experiences to everyone who want to learn Photo Editing or interested in Graphics Design. And That's my Goal describing to my channel.


● Font File - Click Here
● Nexa Font - Click Here

👉 Download Picsart App -

Thank You...

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