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In this video I'll show you how to edit like instagram most popular photographer Vijay Mahar. This photo editing tutorial is inspired by and all about bike photo editing. I will teach every process should know about and also how to make it one/two color toning effect. So, you will learn lots of things in a single video.

What you need to do is, just follow the below steps.
Open your image in picsart app and erase the background from using cutout tool and save it in png format. Then open the background and add your cutout model image. You must have to Cutout your image as refine as possible. Then add a cb hair png on it and along with add 2 white color pngs and change the blend mode to Screen. You must have to position it. Afterthat go to effect and choose color tab then choose contrast effect and decrease the amount and mask it for the the shadow. Well, then add vignette effect on your image. Then add smoke pngs on the image and your photo is done in picsart app. Finally save your image in picsart and open it in lightroom.

In lightroom app you need to do basic Adjustments and mix tool. Then give some details on it and you photo editing is complete.
For details information, watch the below video...

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